Auto Power On - Shows logo, then dies...

So i installed a jumper on Pin 5 and 6 of the automation header, and when I apply power to the Xavier it comes on for like 5 seconds, the NVidia logo shows, but then Auto power off again…

Like so:

as per these notes:

I followed this thread:

But its not working…

Any ideas?

Hi, are you testing on devkit? It is default auto power on, no need to tie pin 5 and 6 together.

No - it does not “auto power on” when you apply power to the power jack.

You have to press the power button… if you want to “auto power on” you need to follow the user guide and use the automation header and bridge pin 5-6 as per the note.

See the note : “Auto-Power-On is enabled when pins 5&6 are tied together”

I have done this and it now auto powers on, shows nvidia logo, but after 5 seconds it auto powers off again…

OK, got it. The auto power on worked with shorted pin 5 & 6, I did not see the power off after that. What’s the sw version of your devkit? Did you try the latest one in DLC?

Not sure what you mean by sw version, but I’m using latest JetPack 4.1.1 Developer Preview.

Any suggestions on how to figure out why its dying right after power on ?

Do you get any log info before it powers off? Also you can check the power sequence to see if it follows the Power-OFF to On Sequence (Auto-Power-On Case) as showed in figure 14 of OEM DG.

It only shows the NVidia logo on the disaplay for a few seconds and then dies.

Im not sure I understand the suggestion on power sequence from trh OEM Design Guidelines?? This is not a Xavier module, its an Xavier on the Dev Kit carrier board…

So when I am NOT tying pin 5-6 together, it works perfectly fine using the power button… but we need to auto-boot when power gets applied to to the dev kit without having to push the power button.

AFAIK thats what the automation header on the dev-kit is for and thats what pin 5-6 should do… So if we tie 5-6 together and supply power, it comes on autmatically and starts booting… but dies few seconds after NVidia Logo…

Any suggestions on where to look for logs?? i.e. /var/log/boot.log or something?


Trumany - any updates on this ?


Could you capture the log from serial console? You could use the micro b usb port connected to your host and use minicom or other tools to read the log.

When it dies, here are the last few log entries from the micro USB console.

[    5.335754] nct1008_nct72 4-004c: !!!Found deprecated property!!!
[    5.341496] nct1008_nct72 4-004c: success parsing dt
[    5.346736] nct1008_nct72 4-004c: success in enabling tmp451 VDD rail
[    5.353617] nct1008_nct72 4-004c: LOC shutdown limit 107
[    5.360586] nct1008_nct72 4-004c: EXT shutdown limit 109
[    5.398020] nct1008_nct72 4-004c: initial LOC temp: 23000 
[    5.399024] nct1008_nct72 4-004c: initial EXT temp: 34500 
[    5.401358] nct1008_nct72 4-004c: hi_b:-10, lo_b:128
[    5.402737] nct1008_nct72 4-004c: nct1008_probe: initialized
��WARNING: clk_get_rate: clk_power_ungate on gated domain 27 for gpcclk


nevermind… the pin layouts on the board is NOT the same as in the documentation…

the documentation has pin 1 as TOP-RIGHT…

But after inspecting the board under a magnifying glass, pin 1 on the board is actually BOTTOM-LEFT…

SO… I connected to pin 5-6 on the board’s numbering and not the documentation, it works perfect!!

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Which version doc do you refer to? It looks different to that in DLC.

[b]Its the Developer Kit Carrier Board Specification document… Page 7…

If you zoom into J508, you will see the triangle marking Pin1 is top right… thats wrong… I suspect J511 is wrong in the docs too.[/b]

Thanks for the info, it will be corrected. And for similar problem, please refer to the assembly drawing in package of carrier board design files in DLC.