How to automatically turn on jetson when turned off

Hi there,
I want to jetson be turn on automatically when the power of jetson is off.

If you have Jetson Xavier NX developer Kit,
find J14 connector and auto power-on pin is off.

It’s need to connect 3.3v or 5v?
In my opinion, this need to press button to power on, but I want to do when the power on and automatically jetson turn on, I don’t want to plugin out and then plugin in of power junction for turning on.

According to the doc,

Pins 5 and 6 disable auto power-on if connected.

That is, if you disconnect these two pins, then the developer kit turns on when you feed power.
Jetson Xavier NX developer kit does not have power button.

AC OK: Connect pins 5 and 6 to disable Auto-Power-On and require power
button press.

That’s means it required power button press, right?

I misunderstood, you need turning on Jetson Nano when it is turned off immediately, don’t you?
Some other guy would give you answer.

hello LoveNvidia,

please access Jetson Xavier NX Developer Kit User Guide,
the developer kit power-on automatically if you connect the provided power supply.
if you’re having J14, 12-pin button header, pin-5 and pin-6 connected, it will disable auto power-on.
then, you’ll need to use pin-11 and pin-12 to initiate power-on if auto power-on is disabled.

Thanks, @JerryChang , @MtHiker ,
For this I need to put jumpers on pins 11-12 and pins 5-6, right?

hello LoveNvidia,

there’re two ways to power-on.

  1. the developer kit power-on automatically if you connect the provided power supply.
  2. if you had pin-5 and pin-6 connected, you’ll need to put jumpers on pin-11 and pin-12 to power-on the board.

I know the jetson has power-on automatically, but when the power off, for run we have to plug-out and plug-in the power jack.