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I have an external power switch and I want to turn on/off my Jetson Xaiver NX. I follow a guide and i made the cable connections the same way. Jetson does not open automatically, but when I press the button, it does not open either. Where am i doing wrong ? I am sharing the guide and cable links that I followed. My Jetson is powered via 19V jack. Thank you.

Guide : https://wiki.geekworm.com/N100
Wire Connection:

Note: In my switch, red and black wires are connected to the switch led. Blue and white wires are short-circuited when the switch is pressed.Can the colors of the guide and my key be different?

Can you Xavier NX devkit without these buttons auto power on with power supply plug in before? You can have a test that to remove all these buttons lines, disable Auto On by jumper, plug in power supply and then short PWR_BTN pin to GND.

Yes, i can run the Jetson when i disable auto power on. I didn’t want to short the PWR BTN pin and the GND pin because I’m measuring 5V power (PWR BTN between GND) even if auto-on is enabled or disabled, in this case I thought short would burn the my board.

PWR_BTN has a pull-up which will limit the current. Anyway, it looks like the buttons issue since you can power up manually.

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Thank you for your response. I’ll update here when I’ve done this task.

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