Jetson Xavier NX Dev kit not powering on after I accidently gave 48V - 1.25A power supply to the DC barrel jack

I accidently gave 48V 1.25A power supply to the DC Barrel Jack J16 of Jetson Xavier NX Dev kit. Now, when I insert the correct power supply included with the dev kit (19V 2.3A), the board does not turn on. I do not see the Power LED lighting up. Please help me on this. Is there an alternate way I can power on the board ? Or is there a way I can repair it ?

Hi, seems the board had been damaged. If you have hardware knowledge good enough, you can check the components on board to find out which one was broken. It might be ESD devices, MOSFET or power switch and etc… Or you can send it RMA if necesary.

Hi @Trumany , thank you for your reply. Alternatively, can I use J18 or J19 to power the board. I have initiated RMA for the device. I am being curious if these pins will work.

J18 and J19 are for POE. Your board looks like some devices broken, POE might not solve that.

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