Jetson NX Dev kit won’t boot,the power LED is still off

The power LED of Jetson Xavier NX Developer Kit is still off when the 19-volt power supply packaged in the kit attaches to power jack,but yestoday it is on and the OS is booting ok.but I had checked the the 40-pin header, the voltage of pin1 or pin2 is normally ok(3.3v or 5v).

hello neon-1004,

are you saying that power LED did not functional sometimes on the Xavier NX DevKit?

Yestoday the power LED is on and the OS is booting ok,but now it won’t boot any more and the power LED keeps off.It did not functional anytime on the Xavier NX DevKit today.I guess is there something wrong with the hardware of NX carrier board or NX module?

hello neon-1004,

could you please setup serial port to gather bootloader messages for reference,

Helllo JerryChang,How to setup the serial port? could i use the Pin3 and 4 of J14 to connect to the serial port? but the power still keeps off,is it booting?

As a test, disconnect everything from the 40-pin header and see what happens. I just had another Nano board fail because the 3V3 regulator on the carrier board failed. The symptoms were similar to yours.

hello neon-1004,

for Jetson Xavier NX,
it’s pin-3 and pin-4 respectively for UART Receive and Send of J14,
pin-3 and pin-4 were UART2_TXD,UART2_RXD / UART3_TX,UART3_RX =pin 236,238, the port is mapping to ttyTHS2.

please refer to Jetson Xavier NX Developer Kit User Guide, you’re able to use J12, 40-pin expansion header with pin-8 and pin-10; or J14, 12-pin button header with pin-3 and pin-4 to setup UART serial console. its default baudrate is 115200/8n1. please also check NVIDIA Xavier - Serial Console for reference,

Heolo all.
I didn’t do anything for the NX board.But now it iboots normally and the led is on.It is so magical!