The power doesn't turn on after the power led blinks

Hi everyone
first, I’m srr for my bad English
I have one question
There was a small shock on my board. (Jetsom xavier nx)
I connected the power cable again because the power turned off. But the power didn’t turn on again. The power lights are blinking, but it’s very short.
Is it because the board is broken? I hope there’s an answer. Thank you.

hello user147910,

is this device flashed before? may I know what’s the scenario to cause the failure?
BTW, had you connect the pin-5 and pin-6 of J14 to disable auto power-on? please access Jetson Xavier NX Developer Kit User Guide for reference, thanks

hi jerrychang
yes It is flashed before I’ve been using it well. Before there’s a problem, If I connect the power cable, it turns on automatically. I don’t know why the power suddenly doesn’t turn on. The only hint I have is that the power led blinks for a moment when connecting the cable. I touched it slightly and then the power turned off and suddenly became weird…

hello user147910,

please share the complete bootloader logs for reference, thanks

The bootloader cannot be provided because it does not even turn on. The biggest problem I’m facing right now is that it doesn’t turn on. When the power cable is connected, the power led may flash, and sometimes the LED does not flash. I’ve tested other HDMI, sd card, power cable, but it still doesn’t turn on.

hello user147910,

don’t UART shows anything? what’s the power-supply you’ve used.
are you able to enter forced-recovery mode and re-flash the target?

  1. Yes
  2. 19V-
  3. unable. I put the jumper and connect the power cable, the power LED blink again and just nothing happend. power doesnt turning on

hello user147910,

please share a video clips about this scenario, thanks

Hi srr for late. This is the video.
I don’t know if it’s a video about recovery mode or a video about my problem, so I send you a video about my problem first. Now, even when the power cable is connected, the power LED does not even blink.

hello user147910,

this might be hardware issue, the power led should stay enabled if the power supply connected.
are you able to enter forced-recovery mode to re-flash the target?

No… Even when I connected the jumper, there was no change because the power itself did not turn on.

hello user147910,

please contact the NVIDIA Customer Care team,
you might have RMA process if you believe that your Jetson product is defective. thanks

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