Jetson Agx Xavier Developer kit doesn’t power on


The Jetson Agx Xavier Developer kit that I have does not power on. When I hit the power button, the power led flashes white for half a second and then turns off.

Is there any way to troubleshoot the board and tell if it is damaged?

That’s a definite problem. What power supply are you using? Is it the one which comes with the dev kit? Is it the USB-C one, or the barrel jack connector being used? If it is USB-C, is it using the socket next to the barrel jack?

I don’t know if the power supply that I am using came with the dev kit, but I am powering the Xavier through the barrel jack connector with a 19V, and 3.42A power supply.

Can this board be reflashed with SW image? Please try to do that to reflash the device to see if can boot up successfully.

I don’t know what the SW image is. Could you please elaborate?

Please download the SDK manager at NVIDIA SDK Manager | NVIDIA Developer
Follow the steps at Install Jetson Software with SDK Manager.

JetPack 5.0.2 instruction: JetPack SDK | NVIDIA Developer

Use of SDK Manager to flash your Jetson AGX Xavier requires an x86 computer running Ubuntu 20.04.

See also: Installing the JetPack to the NVIDIA Jetson Xavier in 4K - Bing video

I tried to reflash the Xavier, but it wasn’t successful. Any other suggestions?

Any SDKM log can be as reference?
Or screenshots?

Sorry for the late response, but the SDK Manager isn’t able to detect the Xaiver. I think that there is an issue with the power button because when I hold the down the forced recovery button and then the power button, the power led just blinks on and off. I previously flashed the Xaiver with the SDK Manager before and I don’t remember this happening.

The power LED should remain on after pressing the power button momentarily (regardless of recovery mode or other). One possibility is of course that the power supply has insufficient regulation, but if powered by a supply rated at 19V (more precisely 19.6V), and using the barrel connector, then likely it is the power supply which came with the dev kit. Odds are low that this is the problem as the supplied power unit provides high quality regulation.

A second possibility is that something connected to the Xavier is drawing too much power. A keyboard would not do this, nor a mouse or monitor. Is there anything else connected to it? If so, try without the item connected. You could in fact try to start in recovery mode without either a mouse or a keyboard just to see if it changes, and then plug one in. Also, does it start without recovery mode and keep the power LED on even if the system does not boot? If it fails in both regular mode and recovery mode, and if the power supply is good and nothing extra is connected, then there is a likely hardware issue (possibly still a power supply issue, but odds go up the issue is in the carrier board or module).

Nothing else is connected to the Xavier when I attempt to power it on and I haven’t been able to get the power led to stay on. It flashes white and immediately turns off.

If it is still in warranty NVIDIA might suggest RMA. If not, then there might be some power delivery points one can measure on the carrier board. Quite often, when there are failure issues, it is a problem of the carrier board and not the module (carrier boards failing will occur far more often than actual module failure, and when they do fail, it is mostly power delivery circuits on the carrier board).

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