No Power LED from Xavier

My Jetson AGX Xavier was working fine for a period and then when our team tried to use it again, we were unable to get any output to the display or detection by a computer. During that time, it suffered a minor drop of about 2ft. I wanted to ask if there’s any suggestions before determining if it is just broken because of the fall. When I push the power button or try to enter force recovery mode, nothing happens, I don’t even see the power LED light up. And in sdk manager the jetson is not detected by the host machine. If there’s anything else I should look at before determining its broken I would appreciate it.

Hi, it looks like the board is broken. You can check if any component missing at first. And check the supply power current with a DC power supply to see if any component is shorted to GND. You can get the schematic of carrier board (P2822) in DLC for reference.

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