Unable to program Xavier AGX board for the very first time

I am trying to program a new AGX board.

So far, According to the getting started guide,

  • Ensured device is powered off
  • USB type C has been connected between PC and front side USB-C connector of dev board.
  • Pressing and holding FORCE RECOVERY and power button while plugging in the provided power adapter

However, the device does not show up on my PC (not VM) . I.e, lsusb does not list any NVIDIA devices.
Also, another thing I observed is that the Power LED next to USB-C connector just blinks and does not stay on as seen in some NVIDIA getting started videos. Like this one for example.

Request any help I could get on this.

There is an order to set device into recovery mode. It is not holding force recovery + power together.

The correct oreder is press and hold the recovery key ->Press and hold the poweron key ->Release the poweron key → Release the recovery key.

Hi WayneWWW,

I tried your suggestion. Here is the sequence I followed.

Power off and pull out any connection to AGX → Connect USB-C to PC → Connect the other end to AGX → Press the FORCE RECOVERY button → Plug in the power adapter → Press the power button → Release the Power button → Release the FORCE RECOVERY key.

This still did not work. However, as I mentioned earlier, I notice a short blink on the power LED when I press the power key, and this LED does not stay on after pressing the power key.
Does this mean anything?

  1. The order you are saying here still no match to what I said.

  2. That sounds a unstable power. It is the only xavier devkit you have? Want to use other devkit to make sure power adapter is fine.

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My Bad, had a typo. I followed the button sequence that you mentioned.

I do not have any other board to validate the adapter.
Also, the adapter That I am using is the one shipped with

It was indeed a power issue. The AC power cord was loosely connected to the adapter. This issue is now fixed. I can detect the NVIDIA device over usb now. Thank you Wayne :)