Unable to put AGX Xavier devkit into recovery mode

I have an AGX Xavier devkit that will boot into the ubuntu desktop, but I can’t get it to go into recovery mode. I connected the AGX over USB, held the recovery button, then pressed the power button and released both. When I do this, the screen comes on but is black, and the device never shows up on the USB bus. It also isn’t detected by the SDK manager. Is there anything else I can do?

Hi @narivend,

Can you please follow these steps in order to put the Jetson on recovery mode:

Most importantly: Are you getting the output in the lsusb command? Black screen in recovery is a good sign, are you sure your USB cable is working?

Best regards,
Roberto Gutierrez,
Embedded Software Engineer,

Thanks, Roberto. I followed those instructions and was able to get the board to show up on the USB bus in recovery mode successfully. My theory is that one of two things was happening: I didn’t hold the recovery button for 2 seconds after releasing reset, or the USB cable was bad. I changed both of these things and had success.

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