Unable to Start Recovery Mode for Flashing

I am working with an NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier (32GB) as part of the Neousys NRU 120s.

I used to be able to get it into recovery mode for flashing, but for some reason it no longer works, and the machine is unstable and unusable.

I follow the usual instructions for flashing:

  1. Power off the Jetson.
  2. Connect it to a host machine over USB.
  3. While holding the recovery pin button, press the power button, and release the recovery button after 3 seconds.

After doing so, the Jetson begins to power up, but ultimately fails to get into the recovery mode with the error shown in the screenshot:

“[FAILED] Failed to start Configure USB flashing port for device mode.”

Due to this error, the USB isn’t recognized by the host machine. Neither when using the command tools USBIPD in the Windows PowerShell, nor when using LSUSB in a WSL Ubuntu terminal.

Earlier, I was able to get the Jetson into the recovery mode and start flashing processes, so I don’t believe there is any issue with the USB cable itself nor with how I am holding the buttons to start the recovery mode. Something noteworthy is that the device did run out of disk space before the last time it was shut down.

I appreciate any help!

Please ask the vendor for help since this product is made by a third-party vendor.

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