Problem with powering on the XAVIER module (not development kit)

We have a brand-new Jetson XAVIER module (not development kit), which we’re try to flash for the first time.
The XAVIER module is connected to the PCB of a Xavier development kit (for connectivity purposes ).

When trying to power the Jetson XAVIER module, the module is not powering on.
We’ve tried hold and release the Factory rest + Power button, and also just Power button, without success. The power light is off and there is not USB connectivity.

The latest Jetpack 4.2 is used to try to flash the board.
We’d like to ask for your assistance,

Unplug the USB, then following the power-on sequence on the cardboard insert (quick start guide).

Force Recovery
Force Recovery + Power

My unit also did nothing, apparently because the USB was plugged in.

This is also the sequence on the insert (2) -> (3) -> (4)