Is my Jetson AGX Xavier Developer Kit dead?

Hi Experts,
I have a Jetson AGX Xavier Developer Kit and wanted to test if this unit is working or not. I plug the power and see the white LED but no display on the monitor. I have the power and HDML plugged only, but should I plug-in something else to get the display working? Is my unit dead?


hello momo_sjsu,

is this Jetson AGX Xavier Developer Kit ever flashed before?
please refer to To determine whether the developer kit is in Force Recovery mode, are you able to enter forced-recovery mode and read the device-id?
please also access Jetson AGX Xavier Developer Kit User Guide, there’s port J501, a micro-USB connector provides access to the UART console, please access the serial console to gather bootloader logs for reference,

Hi Jerry,

I have no idea if this kit has ever been flashed before. This was given to me without any cables or power supply. I am using the MacBook Pro USB-C plug to power up the device. Reading your link, I need to use the USB-C connection to the host Linux box, right?

Thanks for all your help,


hello momo_sjsu,

please use the correct power supply, and you should setup serial port communication via micro-USB to gather UART logs.
you should gather the detail messages for reference, thanks

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