Jetson AGX Xavier no display out after turn on power

when i bought the Jetson AGX Xavier SDK developer through online…

  1. when the device was turn on… but there is no any screen display. and so there is no any uart console debug(/dev/ttyUSB3) message on uart port… and it doesn’t work anymore. and so i can not see the NVIDIA logo image on the screen also.
    what is it proper operation on first time booting after unpack…? as i know it was installed ubuntu os on device and it just install ubuntu os image… am i right…?

  2. when the device entered ti force recovery mode then there is no any uart console(/dev/ttyUSB3) message… is it proper operation…?
    and so i was connected to host pc installed sdkmanager… i just follow install software guide… but after select target hardware and detect device… i can not select tartget os tap anymore.
    is it need to replace or detect the device…?

You’d better install SDK manager again.

  • screenshot:

“/dev/ttyUSB3” is on your host side. isn’t it?
and, what I remember, new AGX xavier developer kit does not have anything inside, not NVIDIA Logo as well.

There are lots of problem and each one is important

  1. The screenshot tells you are using ubuntu 20.04 host, which does not support jetpack. Please move to ubuntu 18.04.

  2. If you are firstly doing the flash work, please make sure you understand how connect the board to your host

  3. Please also make sure you know how to put device into recovery mode. And board is totally in no response status in recovery mode. That is normal. Nothing to panic.

(2) and (3) sound simple but actually there are lots of people don’t understand.

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