Xavier NX short circuit on supply dc jack

I just try a different power supply which is 12v 2a. And than xavier nx didn’t run. Than i tried usual power supply which is 19.5v laptop supply and it sparked off. When i check input with multimeter i found short circuit on positive & negative poles.

  • No short circuit on 5v and gnd pins. I see resistance on them.
  • I unmount xavier module and i check carrier board input again but result same.

Can i save the board ? I could only get this card once in my lifetime:/

This looks like ESD or other component on DC input line is broken by wrong power polarity. If you have necessary hardware knowledge, you can try removing the related components one by one to find out root cause. The reference carrier board schematic (P3509) is in DLC for your reference. Otherwise, you may run RMA for it.

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