Jetson xavier nx repair and schematic

Dear Community,

I have bought a Jetson Xavier NX about a year ago for my research purposes. Yesterday the Jetson module fell out of my hands accidentally while I was detaching the Module from Carrier.
Since that incident it is not turning ON. I checked the voltage around the power supply and I observed that the voltage is immediately dropping to 0V from 20V after switching it ON. After observation I found that some capacitors are missing from the module near a corner. Please check the image.

I found that NVIDIA does not repair these boards.
Can anyone please help me fix the board. I want to know about the components and their specs which are missing so I will be able to buy the parts and maybe solder them.
A schematic will be of big help. I could not find a schematic file for the module.

Model No: P3668 written in the module

I really can’t afford to buy another new one, Kindly help me with this issue.

Thanking You
Arkaprava Sain

It won’t cause the short if only three caps on VDD_IN are missing. You can confirm it with DMM. If it’s short, try to find the short point with IR camera or other ways.

Thanks for your reply, I actually found out some more missing components. Please see the below images. (See near the 9ND77 chip)

Kindly check them and let me know if this can cause the power issue?

Also can you please tell me which points should I check with a multi meter?

Thanking You,
Arkaprava Sain

9ND77 is a DRAM chip. The around components are used for DRAM power. It’s hard to repair it without schematic.

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