Sudden Power Loss of Jetson Xavier NX Module

Hi NVidia,
I am an electronics hardware engineer designing my own baseboard (carrier board) for my Jetson Xavier NX module. Today, I am designing the 5V power supply. According to Figure 5-5 of the Jetson Xavier NX module’s product design guide, the power-down timing diagram indicates that if there is a sudden loss of power, the 5V rail must remain above 3V for at least 10ms after de-asserting POWER_EN low, in order to prevent damage to the module or its file system. However, if the module is drawing 3A, then to meet this requirement, 15000uF (yes, 15mF) of bulk capacitance would be required (C = I * dt/dv), which is impracticable. Furthermore, off-the-shelf development kits do not seem to incorporate such a large amount of bulk capacitance. So, does the module itself detect a power loss and then put itself into a very low power mode for the 10ms duration? If so, how much current does it draw in such a mode for the 10ms duration?
Thank you very much.

Hi, for custom design, you can check the checklist sheet attached in the Design Guide doc. There are capacitor request to the power supply which has been validated to be enough for the power sudden loss.

Hi Trumany,
I read the three checklists attached to the Xavier NX Product Design Guide ( DG-09693-001_v1.6 ) but they do not specify the amount of bulk capacitance required. Are there some other checklists?

My mistake that it is not included in current checklist. You can refer to the schematic of P3509 in DLC for the capacitors needed on carrier board. The total capacitance should be no problem for the use case.

Excellent !
Thank you very much, Trumany.

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