Jetson NX safe power down at power loss

What do people use to ensure that a sudden power loss to the TX2 NX meets the timing requirements in the diagram below? If the TX2 NX is operating at or near 15W, the capacitors required to hold VDD_IN above 3V for 10ms are quite large.
According to the NVIDIA Jetson TX2 NX Product Design Guide, there is a time requirement but I don’t see how it can be conveniently satisfied. What solutions do other users use?


Thank you.

The power consumption during this 10ms is not so high. You can refer to the devkit carrier board design for detail capacitors on VDD_IN.

OK. I have the Jetson Mate schematic and it has 4mF for four TX2 NX modules. I’ll use 1mF of capacitance for my one TX2 NX module.

Thank you.

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