Can the dev-kit carrier board handle voltage fluctuations?

If my math is right, and an 18650 cell has a maximum voltage range of 3.0V-4.2V, then three in series should provide between 9.0V and 12.6 volts.
I believe this is within the specifications for the carrier board. What I’m wondering is if I ran the board off of three of those cells, —and monitored the voltage to trigger a safe shutdown when it drops too low— would I need any other means of voltage regulation?

Assuming I had a method of charging and balancing the cells of course. I figure at about 10 W/h per cell and running 2 sets of 3 in parallel, I could store 60 W/h. That way I could power the compute board, camera, touchscreen, NVME, and something like a cellular data module for something like 4 hours of constant use. More if I switch to 10 watt mode and deep sleep the board when not actively using it.

Would there be any issues with this that I’m not accounting for?

hello jcwscience,

Xavier NX module require for 5V power inputs.
please access Jetson download center for the documentations.
for example,
please check Jetson Xavier NX Product Design Guide. you should refer to [Jetson Xavier NX Power and System Pin Description];
please also access Jetson Xavier NX Module Data Sheet, please check [2.0 Power and System Management] to have more details.

Sorry I meant to specify specifically the dev-kit carrier board.

hello jcwscience,

these are Jetson Xavier NX Developer Kit Carrier Board related documentations for your reference,
please refer to PMIC_BBAT if you would like to use battery power supply.

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