1V8 pins maximum voltage


In order to correctly specify my power supply, are you to tell me the maximum voltage which can be applied to the 1V8 pins on the NX, for example UART or SYS_RESET?

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It is 1.8V for 1.8V pin. What voltage level do you want to apply on the pins?

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I want to apply 1V8 to the pin, however I would like to know what tolerance the pins have to variations in this voltage. For example if my 1V8 supply has a tolerance of +/-500mV, will this cause damage to the NX if one of the UART pins is exposed to 2V3 (1V8 + 0V5)?


Are you trying to supply power via the 1.8V rail? If so, then I’d think something is terribly wrong. If you are just being safe when your own device also might add power to the rail (e.g., via some sort of power protection circuit), then I can understand wanting to know this information (though such information might not be available).

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No I am not trying to supply 1V8 power to the NX.

I am merely interested to know what is the maximum signaling voltage that can be applied to a 1V8 pin on the NX, so that I can correctly specify the 1V8 DC/DC converter which supplies power to the 1V8 devices that will be communicating with the NX.


Are you using the DevKit or just the module in your own carrier? Exactly which pins? It makes a big difference.

For instance, for the DevKit, most of the pins on the 40 pin header route through level shifters on the carrier board so they are 3V3 birectional. Some of the pins (3, 5, 27, 28) route directly to the module and do NOT go through level shifters. They will output 1V8 but pins 27 and 28 at least are tolerant of 3V3 input.

The module data sheet has the electrical tolerances for just the module:

The Devkit carrier board has the specs for the carrier board:

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I will be interfacing my carrier board directly with the NX.