Jetson Xavier System Pins


I have a few questions regarding the System pins:

  1. POWER_BTN_N - in the manual it seems it should be connected to 1.8V while in the development kit it has a pull-up to 3.3V. Double checking with the Pinmux_Configuration file shows this pin should be 1.8V. What is the correct voltage?

  2. CARRIER_PWR_ON - what is the output voltage of this signal? does it 3.3V?

  3. FORCE_SHUTDOWN_N (OVERTEMP_N) - shown in manual as output but in table 11 seems to be input. In Pinmux_Configuration file it’s shown as input. What is correct?

Thank you,

Which platform do you mean? Xavier NX? There is no carrier_pwr_on and force_shutdown on it.

PWR_BTN is 1.8V pin, but there is diode between it to external pull-up, so 5V (VDD_IN on Xavier NX) pull-up is OK.

If you mean Xavier, power_btn_n is 1.8V pin and pulled up to 3.3v thru a level shift in module. carrier_pwr_on is 3.3V. overtemp_n is output from module pin and input to power button supervisor.

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