Question: NVIDIA AGX Jetson Xavier repair services?


I have an NVIDIA AGX Jetson Xavier that stopped working last week. The device no longer powers up. I would like to return the device for repair. NVIDIA “live chat” advised me to post my question here. Might I trouble another to provide information on how to initiate a device repair/return?

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Jason Majchrzak

Have you tried to flash the module…? Uart log shall print event in flash period.

I think it is better clarifying what do you mean “no longer power up”.

Some users may think if the device is not booting up for some reason, they call it no power up.

But my point here is just want to check whether the device has power source and the power LED on the device could light up or not.

Hello kayccc and WayneWWW,

Thank you for your prompt replies.

The device has an appropriate power source applied, but the power LED on the device does not illuminate. I’ve swapped power bricks around and output connections between the 6 units we have. This device is the only one with an issue right now.

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Ok, then please try to RMA this device. It looks a hardware defect.

@WayneWWW Might I trouble you to point me in this direction? A link or how-to guide will suffice :)


actually you already did.

You need to tell them the result we said from forum link.

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