Can i get Jetson Xavier module schematic?

hi i have two xavier dev kit.
I did xavier kits serial communication test yesterday and had a problem.
one dev kit didn’t work (specially display part…), cuz short circuit occurred due to trash thing on the power pin side. , the other is good.
i changed module…kit board is okay…
so i need some schematic, to check module power line is ok.
i already found download center and just only dev kit schematic(P3509)…
i checked fuse and current…compared to other normal kit, the current is same.(0.27A~0.3A)
i need help to repair this kit…

Hi, the module schematic won’t be public. If module broke, you can run RMA for it.

hi i see ur Reply.
i need help how to repair jetson Xavier module.
You said to me run RMA service, but how can i do this?
i live in South Korea.

This is RMA link:

You can contact with your vendor first.

Hi @Trumany,

Devkit is repairable ?

Better to check with local vendor first.

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