double HDMI output in TX2

JetPack 4.2
Both dp and hdmi can be output now,but boss have a new idea, he want to use double hdmi output
questions:Can dp output be changed to hdmi output? If can, how do I modify it?
extracted.dts.txt (462 KB)
dmesg.log (63.1 KB)

  1. Does your hardware support dual HDMI output?
  2. It should be similar to your dp change but enable hdmi-display under sor.

thank you very much

Usb3 cannot be used in custom carrier board and HDMI cannot be used in custom carrier board neither;USB3 include F43,F44,C43,C44,A38,A39,A18; USB1_EN_OC is always low so USB3 has no 3.3V ;All custom carrier board power effects when VDD is good,no power up sequence;

I don’t have power monitor in my board


Please file another thread for your topic. Looks not related.