HDMI display Noise at Jetson Nano Dev. Kit + 7" LCD


Jetson Nano Dev. Kit with 7" LCD ([url]not_found) causes HDMI noises.
In case of other monitors, Nano Dev. Kit works well.

HDMI cable with filter does not remove the noise.
In fact, even 5V power feeding makes same noise.

As Figure 15(page 26) and table 31 of carrier board design guide, series resistors Rs might be adjustable to test HDMI.
Would you let me know which components on the Dev. kit carrier board it is?
In addition, any guidance to adjust?


Hi ddpx2,

Could you take a video or photo for us to know what noise do you see?

Hy WayneWWW,

I attach a screenshot here:
upper red line is limitation to pass.

Both 5V 4A adapter and Power-supply return same result.


The Rs should be equal or less than 6 ohm.

Attach location picture here for your reference. The signal of each Rs is listed below.


HDMI_TXD0_N → R568
HDMI_TXD0_P → R571

HDMI_TXD1_N → R577
HDMI_TXD1_P → R579

HDMI_TXD2_N → R583
HDMI_TXD2_P → R584

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Hi @Trumany,

This Radiation test fail happens even simply OS boot-up.
Is it some noise of Power supply part?
Any Idea to debug please?


What the Radiation test is? If it is RF interference, a clean power supply and no other high speed lines cross are necessary, also the good shielding design in layout will be helpful.

Thanks Trumany,

Would you suggest GOOD shielding designs for Jetson Nano Dev. Kit?
Power supply and high speed cross could be done here.

Basically dev kit should have no such interference to HDMI display, and it should only be used as development not for product.


That’s true, Dev Kis is a Dev Kit.

Even a dev kit, any idea to reduce or remove RF interference of HDMI?


Not sure the RF interference is from HDMI of dev kit, if so, since it is not suggested to be used as product, we can only suggest to use it as development platform only.