Noise on cable TV when Nano is connected with HDMI TV


When I connect Nano to my TV with HDMI cable quality of digital/analog Cable TV program goes worst. I have try with different cables in different inputs, but disturbance is always visible. Did someone see this effect and resolve it ?

Is it same result with other HDMI device instead of Nano? Did you try all HDMI ports combination on TV or try another TV? Never met this kind of issue, hope someone has experience can be shared.

I had a Macbook that would knock out all over the air tv broadcast for about a city block. The issue went away when I replaced the mini Displayport to HDMI cable I had.

How are you powering the Nano? I have had cheap power supplies cause all sorts of strange issues with my raspberry pis. There could be some stray voltage/signal leaking through your power supply to your TV. Maybe check the grounds between both devices to see if there is a voltage difference before they are connected?

Hi, what is your question about Jetson nano? There should be a adapter of nano in box for this.

+1 for what @osugroup said. I am thinking about noise introduced via ground loops. If the ground of the monitor and Jetson is passing an AC current, then you might see this in the video quality. I’m not sure of how to test this, but if the power supplies could somehow change such that any difference in ground became zero, then I would bet the noise would disappear. With digital signals though it seems like the ground loop would need to be fairly severe for the problem to show up if it really is a ground loop.