no signal from Nano HDMI port

I just started having an issue with the HDMI port on my Jetson Nano. Today, the HDMI output on my Nano stopped working (seemingly out of nowhere). It has worked without issue before this, and I can connect other devices to the monitor via HDMI and that is fine, so the issue is not the HDMI cable or the display.

I am able to successfully ssh into the Nano, so it boots and operates fine. I have tried to run it both on a 5V4A power supply and the USB C port, and neither works.

Do I need to re-flash the SD card? Any other solutions?

hello glen.meyerowitz,

could you please share some details of your environment setups,
for example, may I know which JetPack release you’re working with.

could you please also share the kernel message while plug-in the HDMI cable.

$ dmesg

Hi glen.meyerowitz,

Have you managed to get issue resolved? Any result can be shared?