Jetson Nano HDMI Audio Problems


I had working audio on the Nano from the HDMI port with the nVidia official release of Ubuntu 18.04, of the dev kit SD. I upgraded to Ubuntu 18.10 to check compatibility with the Nano. Now HDMI audio no longer works. I have it switched in settings from Analog to HDMI.

I realize 18.10 is not the supported official build for the Nano, but I would like to try to get the HDMI sound working again on 18.10 if possible. I would imagine the upgrade either over-wrote settings files, or possibly the upgrade removed select nVidia driver files as not needed.

Could someone offer insight/instruction/thoughts on how the HDMI audio was set up in the nVidia Ubuntu 18.04 version, so I could attempt to fix this?

Thank you in advance.

system settings -> sound -> select HDMI/DisplayPort

Is this ?


Thanks for the reply. But to be honest, I have no idea what your comment means. The Jetson has no audio on the Display Port. So that’s not an option.

I was able to solve my problem by purchasing an USB Audio Adapter. Ubuntu recognized it and made it the default audio device.

@carey: I just tested what HelloKittyWorld recommended and it works just fine. Maybe your monitor has no audio capabilities?

I got the latest Nano build, L4T 32.2.3-20191105135548 and tried to send audio to HDMI. However, I don’t see HDMI as an option in Settings > Sound.

The only option in [Play sound through] box is “Analog Output \n Built-in-Audio”.

Any idea how to bring up the HDMI/DisplayPort ?

I found the problem, well, by accident. I have two monitors, both are connected with HDMI cable. When I change the monitor, the option “HDMI/DisplayPort” showed up.

It turns out that the other monitor failed to show the HDMI sound output was connected to HDMI cable through a DVI adapter.

In other words, you must connect your monitor directly through a HDMI cable to see the sound option in the system settings.

Audio from HDMI/DisplayPort is Stereo or Mono?
when I test with youtube video stereo test my front-right not working
Did you have the same problem?

@artayasa, the stereo works fine in my HTML port. You may test out the audio device in the sound settings before using it.