Jetson nano no sound output

How to get sound output from jetson nano?

You may get audio output with a HDMI device (DP is eDP so no sound).
You may also use a USB audio device. I have not tried it on nano, but CM108 based adapters worked out of the box with TX2 and Xavier.

If you are using an official system image and using HDMI, you will need to go to Settings --> Audio Output to switch the output device from analog to HDMI. The default is analog audio output.

What’s the difference between DP and eDP?

Can I drive an eDP display by wiring DP signal to eDP interface? What do I expect to see?

I’ve never tried, so I can’t answer. This would probably work if you had everything correctly configured (though no audio over this), e.g., EDID is passed through.

Hi all,

I’m newbie here. Also newbie with Jetson Nano :D. But I’ve worked with Ubuntu and I’ve found a way to make persistent the HDMI output configuration after rebooting the nano. These are the steps I followed to listen sound on TV by HDMI connection after rebooting the Nano:

1.- List your sound devices using this command:

pactl list short sources

2.- Identify the number that corresponds to hdmi output (0, in my case)

3.- Edit file /etc/pulse/ (as root user or via sudo).

4.- Go to the end of the file and uncomment the second-to-last row and modify last word setting the number that corresponds to the hdmi device listed on steps 1/2.

5.- As non-root user delete following directory:

rm -r ~/.config/pulse

6.- If you reboot the nano you should see now the HDMI as default device.

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Hi karthikbalu.meng

Another option is bluetooth audio for the jetson nano developer kit. You must have an ePIC with bluetooth. As recommended, I tried Intel 8265NGW and it works fine

For configure the bluetooth service, see