DP port No sound output.

Sound is output when connecting the HDMI port.
DP port cannot output sound.
No DP output item in UBUNTU sound settings list.

monitor model : LG 34uc97

Hi, Jetson nano supports eDP so no audio out of DP port.

@Trumany, do you mean eDP is compatible with DP?

DP port on board is eDP, so no audio output.

Sorry to revive the dead thread, but this is exactly my issue and I need just a little clarification.
Is the physical Display Port on the nano wired to DP0 pins only? Can it be configured to send duplicate audio from DP1/HDMI? Perhaps via the AUX channel?
Is there any way to connect to DP1? One of these perhaps? https://www.amazon.com/DisplayPort-Converter-FOINNEX-Adapter-Powered/dp/B07G796JF8

JETSON | NANO | DATASHEET | DA-09366-001_v1.0

Two independent display controllers support DSI, HDMI, DP, eDP:
MIPI-DSI (1.5Gbps/lane): Single x2 lane | Maximum Resolution:
1920x960 at 60Hz (up to 24bpp)
HDMI 2.0a/b (up to 6Gbps) | DP 1.2a (HBR2 5.4 Gbps) | eDP
1.4 (HBR2 5.4Gbps) | Maximum Resolution (DP/eDP/HDMI):
3840 x 2160 at 60Hz (up to 24bpp)

4.3.2 High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) and DisplayPort (DP) Interfaces
The HDMI and DP interfaces share the same set of interface pins.

 DisplayPort

  • Display Port mode: interface is functional up to 540MHz pixel clock rate (i.e., 1.62GHz for RBR, 2.7GHz for HBR,
    and 5.4GHz for HBR2).
  • 8b/10b encoding support
  • External Dual Mode standard support
  • Audio streaming support

4.3.3 Embedded DisplayPort (eDP) Interface
DisplayPort on DP0 is limited to display functionality only; no HDCP or audio support.

Assume you are talking about dev kit. It is DP0 port for DP and DP1 for HDMI, it is fixed, and no such way to configure it to send duplicate audio.