How to use HDMI output and DisplayPort output to connect 2 different displays in Jetson nano

I need to connect 2 displays to Jetson Nano. One display has to display the jetson nano working interface while the other has to display a video stream.

What is the procedure to achieve above criteria?
Can I use HDMI output for one and Display Port to other?


Sorry that I don’t quite get what you want to ask.

Can I use HDMI output for one and Display Port to other?

If this is the only question you want to ask, then the answer is yes. You want 2 displays so of course you need to connect 2 monitors here.

What is “nano working interface”? The ubuntu desktop?

If you are trying to ask how to do it, then it also depends on your usecase.

Videostream is a very common and ambiguous description. For example, I could use Chromium to open a youtube stream and pull it to the second monitor. That sounds matching your case too. But I don’t think that is what you want. So please describe more about your case.

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Thank you for your reply. What I need to know is,

Can I connect one display(monitor) to HDMI output and another display(monitor) to the DisplayPort of Jetson nano? Here I have to display two different views. (Similar to extended view when a monitor is connected to a laptop).

Thank You @WayneWWW

Yes, you can.

But as I sad before, it depends on what usecase you want to run.

If you don’t know what usecase can try, I would recommend you could check gstreamer first.

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My application is I need to connect a touch display to HDMI output and a monitor to the DisplayPort, where you stream a video.


This description is still too common and not specific.
If you just want to ask if Nano can run dual display, the answer is yes.

But actually what I want to say is what is the exact thing you want to do after you plug 2 monitors. What code/program do you want to run?

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Thank you @WayneWWW.

I am planning to run a python application with GUI interface in one screen. On the other screen a video has to be played. To play the video in the second screen I am using gstreamer.

The video will be played on a button press in the GUI application which is in the First Screen.

I hope this is clear.

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Using a DP to HDMI adapter doesn’t work for me as well - tried a few HDMI cables - all work fine, just not through the adapter. The adapter seems to have been working for a moment and then stopped - what might be the problem?