Audio via a HDMI to DVI adapter that has an inbuilt 3.5mm TRS-Jack


I am using an older DVI monitor with my Jetson Nano Developer Kit and have bought a HDMI to DVI cable that splits the HDMI to a DVI connector and a 3.5mm standard audio jack.
Now I can’t get the Jetson Nano to output audio via HDMI as it does not seem to recognize that it would (or should?) be possible.
System settings->audio only shows analog audio output (Does it even output analog audio anywhere?) and
if I do

pacmd list-sinks | grep -e ‘name:’ -e ‘index:’

it only shows me


on the other hand aplay -l shows me tegra-hda which seems to be the hdmi-audio output.

I am a bit lost as I’m not familiar with linux audio architecture, please help!

Hi eliaspeschke,

By using the HDMI cable, we can hear the sound from monitor when the System settings->audio chooses the HDMI/Displayport.

DVI is not supported for tegra and thus we cannot guarantee if it can work or not.