Interfacing Mic and Speaker

Is it possible to interface a mic and speaker to the board either using USB or the GPIO pins?
Can this adapter be used for an audio interface?


Yes using a USB based device is certainly possible and the adafruit device should work. In fact recently there was a similar discussion here but using multiple USB devices …

Alternatively to USB devices, you can also use the I2S interface with devices such as …


I am working on readout loud code.
Can we use 3.5 mm jack speakers by connecting it to HDMI connector with audio jack connector in it…

Below is the link for HDMI connector that I am thing of using,

Jetson Nano

Thank you.


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Although I have not tested that exact product and so cannot comment on if it works, I have used a similar HDMI audio extractor to extract the analog audio from the HDMI output. So yes this should work.


Thank you Jonathanh.

For audio output only, I have had good success using the Ultra HD HDMI 2.0 switch device which includes an analog audio output in either 2.0 or 5.1 sound format to go to your amplified speakers.