How to connect microphone and speaker using gpio pin Jetson nano B01

hello, i would like to make a voice commande/tts but i need to connect the speacker and microphone for a space purpose i need to use the gpio can someone tell me if i need to make my circuit first or if i connect the wire to the pin. i saw somewhere that i can do this with I2C but i’m not sure. i want the speacker and microphone to work together in a programme using tensorrt or pytorch for speech recognition. I saw some github librairy that can do this to so i would probably test everything so i really need my microphone/speacker systeme to work normaly.


There is a [chapter]( NVIDIA Jetson Linux Driver Package Software Features : Audio Setup and Development | NVIDIA Docs) in the Jetson documentation for audio on the 40-pin expansion header (although maybe not easy to find). Long story short, the pins on the 40-pin expansion header are configured as GPIO by default and therefore, the pinmux needs to be re-configured to use them as I2S. Per the section on the 40-pin header in the audio section, there is a tool provided to do this. Details on this tool can be from [here]( NVIDIA Jetson Linux Driver Package Software Features : Hardware Setup | NVIDIA Docs).

Please try running the following commands and see if this helps …

$ sudo /opt/nvidia/jetson-io/ -o dtb i2s4
$ sudo reboot

I already enable all i could with sudo /opt/nvidia/jetson-io/ but my question is really what pin i have to use for the programme and if it need a circuit of its own cause i know the pin voltage are low

Hi ,
I2S signals are exposed to the 40-pin expansion header on the below pins, you need to connect the exposed I2S signals to an audio codec to convert the digital I2S signals to analog ( choose audio codec which supports I2S input, i.e raspberry pi board)

i2s4b_din - 38 PIN - Digital input to Jetson nano for Capture
i2sb_dout - 40 PIN - Digital Output from Jetson nano for Playback
i2s4b_fs - 35 PIN - Sample Rate
i2s4b_sclk - 12 PIN - Clock


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thank you i will try

i used a usb one cause my iron solder is not working but do you know how can i use my microphone to make a voice command and maybe use tts and speaker to make simple greating ??

Hi ,
You can use below steps to test USB Microphone path, once it verified you use to make a voice commande/tts.

thank you for the answer sorry for the late answer i run the usb microhpne and speaker using Audio Card for Jetson Nano - Waveshare Wiki but could you tell me please what bluetooth device would go on the jetson nano i found none on amazon

You can use an intel card Bluetooth audio on nano? - #2 by TomNVIDIA

thank you very much sorry for the late answer and could you tell me please if there is a way to connect my jetson to my phone and use the jetson as a bluethoot speaker for phones call or music ???

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