How to add both an audio input and audio output to Jetson Nano Dev Kit 4GB?

Hello! Complete newbie here. I just got a Jetson Nano 4GB and I’m planning on using it to for a speaking AI (voice recognition + talking). For that, it needs both an audio input and output. The problem is the audio output part. So how can I add audio output to the Nano?

For the audio input, I chose the USB Blue Yeti Nano, a basic USB-based mic since I heard basically any USB device will be detected. (Am I right? The microphone in the link should work?) Now for the output I was thinking of going the same USB-way and get an USB speaker like this one on amazon. Will the USB speaker work?

I’m confused because I read this article saying I need an USB dongle like this one for audio output. That’s for the round-looking 3.5mm connector? If I do buy it, will just any 3.5mm audio device work with the nano? I was looking at this 3.5mm version (which also has USB I guess for power), or this slightly longer one if the simple USB one won’t work. However, this one consumes 12W alone and I’m afraid the Nano won’t be able to supply that amount of power and it’ll release the smoke!

@nto its a dark world out there on this subject. I have the same issue and right now I have not found a solution easily.
Blue Tooth output is the logical answer but Bluetooth in the Jetson Ubuntu 18.04 version won’t remain connected to a source so you cannot get sound out that way.

The only sound I can get out of it all is via an HDMI cable where the monitor has a jack plug for a set of speakers and then it only works on the right channel.

The teddy bear (Building Ellee — A GPT-3 and Computer Vision-Powered Talking Robotic Teddy Bear With Human-Level Conversation Intelligence | by Agustinus Nalwan | Towards Data Science) used a USB speaker kit which was permanently mounted below the podium on which the teddy bear stood but he reckoned not just any USB sound dongle worked.

Its sad really that such a beautiful piece of electronics makes sound so hard. I will watch this thread and see if anyone can give a simple logical (that human can understand) answer to the issue because I also want it for the same project you are busy with.


My 3 cents contribution:
I’ve been using a CM108 based USB audio device on any Jetson so far with 2 jack connectors (microphone + speakers), it works out of the box.
You can find many very cheap CM108 products similar to mine (mine was less than 10$ IIRC).
However, with very cheap devices you may have some analog issues (for example my device has a led and when blinking it does result in some little sound interference).
Not perfect, but affordable for quickly try ;-)


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