Connect Microphone and Speaker!

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Does Jetson TX2 support to connect Microphone and Speaker without Converter like USB to AUX ( I mean Directly with board)


There are no native audio connectors. There is i2s to support custom audio break-out boards, but this cannot be used directly with microphone or speaker (although HDMI might be considered an exception because HDMI itself supports stereo audio).

Did I read that the TX2 supports audio via the HDMI backchannel?

But then I don’t know of any monitor supporting that (or many having a speaker). I tried once to hook it up to my UHD TV, but postponed when it wasn’t successful.


I just tried to verify but can’t see the HDMI in the control panel. I thought the video hardware supported this…I’m thinking it is a software issue. I do use HDMI audio on my desktop (NVIDIA video card), though it is a pain because it always loses its concept of primary monitor.

Would someone from NVIDIA be able to verify if the HDMI output hardware itself does or does not support audio?

question about speakers:

connected via i2s : works nice

however when sending signal to speakers, it emmits a “clic”, an electrical noise (very loudly).
and after my aufio file, another “clic” (2-5 sec later)

it seems that i2s produces noise when receiving signal and when releasing.
changing audio volume doesn’t produce any changes.

any idea ?

thanks friends.

I’m a little disappointed that there isn’t a basic audio jack like the TK1. I eventually gave up and just attached blue tooth speakers. Works fine.

Please, Nvidia team,
Small UP for i2s noise (post5)
Thanks all.
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Please, Nvidia team,

My problem isn’t solved !!

Small UP for i2s noise (post5)
Thanks all.
Best, Vincent

Did you check the design/setting of the codec you chose? This noise seems like the codec issue. I2S is just the digital interface between TX1 and your codec, it would not make such speaker electric noise.

Hi elpimous12,

I have been facing same issue (Small loud and noise). Please refer my topic

Did you figure out solution?

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Any recommendations on an audio breakout board that works with Jetson TX2?

Thank you