How to play wav file on TX2

Hi Guys,

I wish to play audio wav file on TX2. What is the best way to achieve the same ?



The Jetson TX2 does not have an on-board codec and so if you want to playback a WAV file, you can connect the TX2 HDMI to a TV or monitors with speakers can use the following command …

aplay <wav-file>

It is possible to connect an external audio codec to the board and probably the most simplest would be …


Depending on your app requirements, even simpler may be to use a USB audio to analog adapter.
I have have been using a CM108 based one (just a few $), it works fine out of the box (you may just have to adjust sound mixer in Ubuntu).

I am using USB headsets (USB headsets have an integrated sound card, by default), or hdmi tv monitor that has speakers.

mplayer *.wav
 mplayer *.mp3

works for me