jetson tx1,what kind of device and interface should i use to record voice and play sound?

Hello everyone:

i need your help!    

i write a speech recognition demo which can chat with me and works well in my ubuntu pc (x86), if i say something in front of my pc ,it will say something back to me through the speaker,but after dealing with some problems ,when i put my program in the jetson tx1,it doesn`t work,i suddenly realize that there isn`t any microphone and speaker in the  board.

so my question is that is there an easy way for me to install the microphone and speaker ,i prefer to use the USB interface,but i don`t know if it is available for tx1. after connecting the microphone and speaker to the board ,what kind of command or drive or software should i install to make the hardware workable.

i am looking forward to your reply,thank you very much!

You can find a few informations in this thread:

FYI, most USB speaker/microphone/headsets should work. Those will be seen by USB as a generic device class and function. The ones you’d have trouble with are the ones requiring special drivers.