Working with Nano - Choosing hdmi screen

I’m a new user in Jetson nano.
When I start, I use jetson nano with VGA Display (I used a converted cable to convert VGA to HDMI) to working with my jetson.
Unfortunately, after I tried to using Jetson with 5V-2.5A power (i used 5V-4A before) , my SD Card was broken and I can’t use it with this screen after that even when I re-boot new OS on SD Card and try with other SD Cards.
I have read some posts on this forum about my problem, but it still not working with my Jetson. (some ways like un-plug all connector or try to remote Jetson by using xrdp but this way is too slow :( )
Someone tell me that VGA to HDMI Cable may not be supported by Jetson, so I want to buy a new display that has HDMI port, can this type of display can help me to solve this problem?
Many thanks

Hi hieu.phamnt39,

The devkit has HDMI port, and that’s suggested to connect with a HDMI display directly.


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My Jetson Nano does not work with 4 different computer monitors that I have, but works with tv screen that has hdmi input.

Hi sdanchenko,

In general, the HDMI display has EDID info for system to do the reorganization and configuration of display.
What’s the display port of your 4 different computer monitors? If not HDMI display, then might not work as your case.

Those monitors have HDMI and DVI ports and they are about 3 year old. However, they work fine with Geeforce GTX 980ti on my desktop as well with my kids laptops and mac minis. Even Raspberry Pi work with them.

Thank you, sdanchenko and kayccc.
I will buy a new HDMI screen and try with it as soon as possible