Does the Jetson Nano work with a HDMI / VGA converter?

I recently started working with a Jetson Nano as part of my internship but I’m working from home and my monitor is very old and only has DVI and VGA. My Jetson Nano powers and displays the green light momentarily before it turns off. This problem could very well be my charger and I was thinking of getting the approved one but before I do I wanted to check if this problem could be that I’m using a HDMI / VGA converter.

Digital DVI passes through the DDC wire (there is also analog DVI and this does not pass through EDID), which is what provides EDID information. EDID in turn provides all of your monitor’s specs…the monitor responds with that information upon query (and there have been some changes to protocols over time, e.g., originally it was just “DDC”, then it went through a couple of revisions to the current EDID). Without this no auto configuration is possible, and thus you will need either an actual HDMI monitor or an active adapter programmed with the EDID data.

On a desktop PC the video driver accepts manually programmed modes and extension modes. The Jetson embedded systems do not accept those modes and only EDID modes are allowed.

Because HDMI is hot plug, if you were to plug in an HDMI monitor with a mode which is compatible to the VGA monitor, and then remove the HDMI monitor, the mode would remain in that mode as you add the VGA monitor via HDMI adapter. This might work for you as a workaround if you have an HDMI monitor you can momentarily plug in before adding the VGA monitor.

About EDID:

Ah that makes sense! Thank you :)

If your old monitor supports dvi connector, then you can use a full length hdmi to dvi cable (not adapter but cable)… it worked for me though and is working perfectly…