Can I use some kind of adapter HDMI to VGA with the Jetson Nano?


I’ve bought the jetson nano and I would start to learn how it works. BUT before,I need to have an information. I would like to connect the board to a monitor that has only a VGA port. I’ve bought an adapter,from HDMI to VGA,but it does not work with the nano. I have also tried an adapter Displayport - VGA,but it does not work,either. Do you know why ? Is there a way for me to use my monitor with that board ? thanks.

VGA is from the days when monitors could not auto configure. Basically, you either used some default mode, or you installed a “driver disk” which was a list of the monitor’s specs, and the driver would read those specs.

After this, using digital interfaces, a “DDC” wire was added. This allowed the video card to ask the monitor what its specs were, and this was the first plug-n-play for video.

On a desktop PC you can set modes manually (such as required by VGA), or let it auto configure if a more modern connector is present (such as HDMI, DVI-D, or DisplayPort). The embedded Jetson systems do not allow manual setting, and work only with auto configuration, so it seems the default resolution does not coincide with something the monitor supports.

Mostly I suggest switching to true HDMI. You could modify your kernel source and put in a new kernel which has a default fallback mode your monitor supports, but that’s a lot of work. If you want to go that route, then see this thread: