Error in connection through HDMI to VGA cable in jetson nano board?

We have the cable of HDMI to VGA that’s why the jetson board is not responding to this feature. so is there any other solution ? Also, which wifi card is best suitable for jetson nano board? or any other specific method to connect internet?

Don’t know about the WiFi question, but VGA is not supported. When DVI-D was introduced an extra wire was introduced called the “DDC” wire (uses i2c protocol to provide “EDID” data). That wire is what supports the monitor being queried by the video card, and is the point in time when “plug-n-play” monitors came into existence. You’ve basically cut that wire, and configuration relies on this.

It is possible a default mode might work with your monitor, but that is basically getting lucky. There are some ways to edit the kernel to get a different default mode if you are really motivated, but actual HDMI is very highly recommended.

Note that the Nano does support wired ethernet which can be plugged in to any router. If your host PC is set up for bridging, then the micro-B USB has a virtual wired ethernet as well, and the host PC could choose to bridge this to its own network.

Please find the support Wifi module from Jetson Nano Supported Component List

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