HDMI not working! No Display! Headless Help?

Hello. Unfortunately I dropped my jetson nano from my hands on the floor which brings me to my first problem

  1. Ever since, even though the green LED lights up and other USB ports seem to work, the HDMI port is not working. Does that even happen? Do u know of a solution?
    I flashed my SD card with the SDK image to run the terminal through micro-cable and the jetson itself seems to be working fine.

I considered the DisplayPort but don’t have a monitor or screen that supports that which brings me to my second problem:

  1. I have considered running the jetson headless but have never done that and wanted to confirm whether I could do that WITHOUT starting all over and losing all my installed packages AND WITHOUT ANY DISPLAY SCREEN TO DO IT.

I am very much lost here and could really use some guidance. If you could point me in the right direction with documentation or tutorails, I would really appreciate it.



We cannot tell what happens without a log.

Please connect the HDMI cable and dump us the log from serial console and kernel log.