Jetson nano headless setup (then using HDMI)

Hi there, I’ve recently setup my nano headless-ly using this guys’ tutorial (he does a great job):

I now am hooking it up to a monitor through the HDMI port and getting no signal. Is there anything in the headless setup that essentially disables a GUI? Is it possible to retroactively reverse this? I.e. is there anything I can do to enable a GUI? The issue is not the HDMI or display as it works fine with my laptop. I can SSH in and everything so the nano is booted up.

Note that I plugged the HDMI chord in before booting it up as well, hoping that that would enable the HDMI driver or something.

Let me know if I’m missing anything, thanks a ton


Please check whether the service gdm3 is running or not. I guess it is disabled so that there is no window manager.