Can't Jetson NANO boot without HDMI?


I want to make an RC car, so I am studying JetsonNANO with ROS
and use it wirelessly with all the batteries connected.

All initial settings have been made using the monitor.
(Should I work with “Initial Setup Headless Mode” from the start?)
(I will be using the GUI later.)

But when I remove the HDMI and turn on the power, it does not boot.
This seems to be a problem caused by the display not being connected.

Connect HDMI and turn on the power again to boot normally.

I want to boot JetsonNANO without connecting a monitor, keyboard, or mouse.
And connect remotely using SSH and run the program by entering commands.

I’ve searched the forums, but I can’t find the answer I’m looking for.
Please let me know if there is a way.

Have a nice day!

Thank you.

Best regards.

Working just fine here. Set it up with HDMI connected but disconnected it afterwards, no problem.

Thank you.
I have also tested it with another JetsonNano.
Even if I remove HDMI, it works fine.
First Jetson NANO seems to be the problem.

I will try again.

Do you know if there is a possibility that booting may not be possible when I2C is connected?

No idea to be honest :(

The first JetsonNano re-uploaded the Image to fix the boot problem. It wasn’t an I2C connection issue.
Thank you for your attention. :D