Display not working

Cannot get display to work on initial bootup of Jetson nano. Using HDMI connection. No signal received. Green light on jetson on.

Debugging such issue has different aspects

  1. You need to know whether this board is really booting into kernel or not.
    Use the uart console is the better way
    Jetson Nano Style - Serial Console - JetsonHacks

  2. If the system boots into kernel, and waiting for you to do the initial configuration, then you can follow the headless setup in below page.
    " Headless Mode Flow in oem-config"

2-1. after boot into system, use the uart console, dump the dmesg and share it here so that we can know what happened to HDMI to make it fail to launch.

  1. If system not able to boot in (2), then please reflash your board with sdkmanager instead of using sdcard image.

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