First Time boot fails and no display

Hello Experts,

I am trying to boot the brand new jetson nano board with 32GB SD card flashed with downloaded image from

I am connecting my HDMI cable with my Smart TV and with 5V 3A USB adapter. But not able to see any display output but the SD card content is intact.

What are the next possible steps to debug it ?


Generally speaking, the GPU driver is more restrictive than the driver for a desktop PC. There is a very good chance that everything is working fine, but the TV as a monitor simply is not in the allowed specs. See the above URL for debugging steps. If you have an extra HDMI monitor you can test with, then I’d start with that.

Hi @linuxdev,

Unfortunately, I don’t have access to both desktop PC and serial console. Is it possible to check boot logs from the SD card put into the MAC OS X

Serial console can be examined from pretty much any computer. Flashing requires a Linux PC, but a Mac or Windows or RPi or another Jetson can examine a serial console and log a session.

You might get useful information by booting with the failure, shutting down, and then examining the “/var/log/Xorg.0.log” (or in some cases “Xorg.1.log”) from your other computer, e.g., from your Mac (it sounds like your Nano is an SD card model; for an eMMC model you would not be able to do this).