custom carrier board HDMI requirments

Hi I am designing a custom carrier board for jetson tx2 with HDMI support and have a few doubts about it,

  1. is the 5V0_HDMI_EN signal required or can I use VDD_3P3_SLP itself to enable the HDMI
  2. are these 499ohm resistor and ferrite bead necessary for the HDMI to work, or they are optional(can be skipped in our design)?


Have you checked the OEM DG?


  1. I have checked the OEM DG but there is nothing given about the 5VO_HDMI_EN being very important.
  2. I know that the 499ohm pull down resistor is for Voff requirement, but is it compulsory to have it our custom board design?

499ohm pd and beads are must, do not suggest to remove them.

5V0_HDMI_EN is controlled by GPIO which makes programming easily, you can use other signal instead.