NX Ethernet Magnetics?

I’m designing a carrier board for the Xavier NX, which includes Ethernet. However, the Ethernet is not an RJ-45 jack; the carrier board connects the Ethernet directly to other harnessing that eventually makes its way to a switch. Therefore, I need to include magnetics but no jack.

In the past I’ve found that various Gigabit Ethernet PHYs that I’ve used call out specific supported magnetics. Is that the case for the Realtek RTL8211FDI Gigabit Ethernet Controller than the NX uses? Unfortunately Realtek only provides information to development partners. I’m hoping that Nvidia or anybody else who is a development partner may be able to provide information about the required magnetics?

Interestingly there is nothing in the NX Design Guide about the Ethernet interface. Thanks!

Hi, you can choose the magnetic based on the below characters of that integrated in RJ45 conn of NX (A70-112-331N126)

@Trumany Thank you for your response. Based an these specs, the Bournes SM51589PEL appears to be a good candidate. Specs are similar, and it’s relatively small, low cost, and available. I’m sure that you’re unable to confirm whether or not this part will be suitable, but if you see anything that makes it clearly not suitable, I’d very much appreciate the feedback!

Looks fine for me.

HI, if the ethernet device is located on the same board as the NX is there a way not to use magnetics ?

It depends on the IO characters. If both are same, it is possible. But still checking with vendor is necessary.

Hi rypatt,
did SM51589PEL worked for you…
I am also doing a carrier card with magnetics and M12 connector

Hi Trumany,
Any luck from vendor for SM51589PEL compatibility.
Or do they share any guidelines

Also I need magnetics for Non-PoE based application.
If you have any inputs pls share asap.

Hi vikrant.v, yes the SM51589PEL worked out great. We used it for a non-PoE application as well.

As for magnetics, please refer to this topic to choose one on market. NX Ethernet Magnetics?