How to power enable SD card VDD through GPIO on Jetson Xavier NX


I am trying to design a carrier board for Jetson NX.

From the NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX Design Guide, I realized that a SDCard VDD has to be controled from a GPIO on Jetson NX in order to work correctly on a warm boot. As is shown in the picture attached:

Can I choose any GPIO on Jetson Xavier NX or this has to be a certain one of the chip.

Moreover, how can I configure the GPIOs to control the VDD pin of the SDCard, I assume it could be done with BIOS but I could not find any instructions to this issue.

Please help me with it or tell me where can I find the instructions to this problem.

There is no BIOS on jetson. This is configured by the kernel device tree.

Search “sdmmc3” on this forum and you will find lots of topics duplicated as your case.

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